About Sonya

I believe we are all artists and healers. Creativity has been central to my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been attracted to color and simply can’t live without it. I began making things out of beads at the age of two, starting with gifts for my Mom, sister and all my stuffed animals. While I don’t use “pop-beads” anymore, I have just as much fun creating my designs from beautiful gemstones, vintage finds and crystals. My love of gemstones started as a simple rock collection. I was always collecting rocks from the beach, my back yard and the playground, and storing them under my dresser in shoe boxes. Over time, my creativity has evolved with a beautiful synchronicity and I am now aware that all along I have been working with healing stones but just not knowing it! Everything seems to have come full circle…though the circle is ever expanding! I was introduced to Reiki several years ago and knew immediately that I had discovered something that spoke to my soul. Rocks also play a major part in my Reiki practice. We use stones to lay on the body to help with the healing process. In ancient times, medicine men and shamans have all used stones in their healing. I love that rocks connect us back in time and bring the healing forward. Practicing Reiki allows me to help people feel better at every level of their being. I am honored to work with all of my clients, as it allows me to share this miraculous healing modality with others.
I live in Massachusetts with my open-minded husband Jim and two daughters, Lia and Jess. We share our home with as many animals as possible; for now, 2 poochies named Tucker and Willow, our kitty S’Mores. When not making jewels or practicing Reiki, I am usually treasure hunting. Some of my favorite haunts are flea markets, antique shows and beaches. I also love spending time with my family, yoga, walking, and helping other artists get their work out into the world.